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Friday, January 7, 2011

Wishes for 2011 and resolutions

Dear readers,

First of all, I want to wish you all a very happy New Year. I hope this upcoming year will be full of happiness, joy, health, and welfare.

In September, I decided to work back on my UFO's. So, today, I set up a list of all the UFO's (or long time WIP's, call them what you want ;o)

And, I came up with this:

Advent Calendar - Dimensions
Maidens of the seasons I - Mirabilia
Maidens of the seasons II - Mirabilia
Fairy Flora - Mirabilia
Bouquet of roses - Thea Gouverneur
Japanese Serenity - DMC
Chocolate Party - DMC
Fish city - Stoney Creek
Beachcomber cottage - The Craft collection

So, that makes 9. My resolution for this year is to make good progress on these and hope to finish some of them. The Advent Calendar will be done, for sure. On a forum, a UFO day has been set up, which means we'll be working on one of our UFO every Thursday and show our progress on Fridays. I think I'll stick to the bouquet of roses. This is a hard one but so pretty that I want to finish it.

I'll also be starting a new project after my advent calendar. This is my reward for ending up a few UFO's since september. But, I haven't chosen yet.

I'll keep you posted about this.

Time for me to go.

Thanks a lot for passing by and reading me.

Have a nice day.


Wendy said...

ow, wel 3 Mira´s, ik ben benieuwd !

ik wens je een heel creatief nieuw jaar !

Annette said...

Happy new year!!
Good luck with your Wip's I decided the same, I wanna complete everything I started last year...
Good luck with UFO day, can´t wait to see the first progress!!!