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Thursday, December 9, 2010

Hello ladies.... and gentlemen if any ;o)

I have not been very present lately. I'm a bit in a down mood for the moment. Probably due to the weather conditions. I am so tired, not feeling very well. Just staying home would be great for the moment (which is not good for me when I feel that way). So, in a word, feeling a bit depressed.

Anyway. Some news: Noah had the chicken pox a few weeks ago. He probably caught it at school. And, 10 days later, guess who got chicken pox too? Maël!!!! I was a bit scared as he's only 5 months old, but it went on better that I thought. I stayed at home with him for a few days, just to make sure he was alright. So, now, every little one is back to normal ;o)

Regarding the stitching part, I've been a bit lazy (probably due to my feeling down moment) but I caught up on my Cupcakes SAL. Here's the pic:

A close up:

My advent calendar? Well, still working on it... slowly, but still working on it ;o) Pictures later, when I got something "showable" ;o)

Hope you all have a wonderful "pre-christmas" time.

Have a nice day.