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Monday, October 25, 2010

Some progress

As I told you in my other post, I had a quiet week-end but did not stitch as much as I wanted... But here's some progress.

First, as every week-end, the Cupcakes SAL:

Then, my Advent Calendar:

I took 2 days off work (today and tomorrow). I have a bit of cleaning and laundry to do, then I'll stitch for a couple of hours...

Have a nice day and enjoy your stitching.

A new stitcher!!!!

Hello dear readers,

I hope you had a nice week-end. Mine was quiet but with a great accomplishment!!! I told you already about my daughter willing to learn cross-stitch. Well, this week-end, she didn't know what to do to get busy... huh... So, I just threw a "do you wanna try x-stitch?". She just yelled "oh, yes, mummy". So, I took out the small kit I bought for her in my latest order (the one with the stars), and I started to show her how to stitch. She just got hooked and stitched for the rest of the evening!!!!! She even said "it's my new passion". I can't believe it. I'm soooooooo happy. Now, I hope she will stick to it.

Look at her:

and that's how far she's (just needs a few more stitches and the backstitching to be finished):
Am I a proud mummy???? .......

Thursday, October 21, 2010



Terri is having a great Halloween giveaway. So, take your chance ;o)

Deadline and drawing are on Halloween's eve. Good luck to all of you.


at Teresa's

Deadline is on October 28th and drawing on October 29th. Will you be there too?

Have a wonderful day.

Monday, October 18, 2010

Got an update

Good morning!!!!
After a lazy Saturday (which is good for the stitching part of my life ;o)) and a busy Sunday (not good for stitching), I can show you an update on my advent calendar.

I'm really happy to be back on this one. Really nice to work on.

Friday was the Cupcakes SAL day, and I stitched step 3 on Saturday morning. Here's the weekly update:

I hope you all enjoyed your weekend and your stitching.

Have a nice day.

Friday, October 15, 2010

Stash, stash, and more stash

During my pregnancy, I did not touch a needle, and did not even have a look at my stash (thing I like to do when I'm feeling down).

Soooooooo, as a treat for finishing several UFO's lately ;oD and for being a very nice girl (huh huh), I am proud to present my latest ATS's (understand Add To Stash):

A Frog Pile (Design Works)
Moonlight Madness (Mill Hill)
New Heights (Bothy Thread)
Ruby (Bothy Thread)
The Pretend Friend (Bothy Thread)
Stitching Row (Bent Creek)
Stars (Dimensions)

I bought the "Stars" for my daughter Lynn. A few weeks ago, she insisted to learn x-stich with a friend of hers (our neighbour). She tried a year ago but was not patient enough to stick to it. So, I promised her I would get a colourful kit for her. I found this one: colourful, not too hard to start with, contains a hoop and, not too expensive. If she sticks to this one, I'll sure show you her progress. She would be very proud. BUT, let's see first if she really gets into it ;o)

Have a nice day.

Do you remember him?

Yes, do you remember this little boy?

Well, since this picture, he grew up a bit. Look at him now! He looks so much older ;o)

I did not stitch on this one for a few months and, as Christmas approaches, I decided to get this one out of my drawer. I stitched the few missing stitches on the boy and then did the backstitches, which was a good idea. Motivation is back as I really like the result. Hope this will keep me going ;o)

Today is Friday, so today, we should get the next step on the Cupcakes SAL!!! Can't wait. Unfortunately, I won't be able to stitch tonight. I'm having a Tupperware presentation at home. Good thing is that it's another opportunity to gather with my friends (hubby and I really like to regularly have our friends for dinner).

So, I should give you some news about the SAL tomorrow...

Have a wonderful day.

Friday, October 8, 2010

Cupcakes SAL

Yep, it's Friday. Step 2 on the Cupcakes SAL is online and I just finished it!

Here's the picture:

Unfortunately, I have nothing else to show for the moment. I picked an old UFO but just can't stick to this one!!! No way!!! I don't like this one for the moment so I have to find something else but too tired. I got back to work a week ago and finding the right planning at home, with 3 kids, is not easy. It's ok, but I'm very tired. Have to get used to this new rythm: getting up at 5.30 am, shower, getting dressed, a bit of make up, preparing lunch for the kids at school, preparing baby bottles for Maël, preparing breakfast for kids and hubbie, a bit of laundry, a bit of cleaning, having the kids to get up, getting them dressed, bringing Mael to the daycare, bringing the big ones to school, going to work!!!!!!!!!!!! And after my working day: picking up the kids at school and daycare, going home, prepare dinner, bringing kids to music classes, coming back, having dinner, shower or bath for the kids, getting them to sleep, a bit of x-stitch (finally) and ..... I'm dead!!! Want my bed!!!! I'm not complaining at all. Just need time to get used to this! That's life!

Thanks a lot for your visits on my blog.

Have a wonderful weekend and a Happy Thanksgiving to all Canadian stitchers (and non-stitchers too, of course)

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

A giveaway at Carin's

Carin's giveaway is to be found here

Enter to win 5 Halloween charts...

Hurry up. Winner is to be announced on October 20.

Good luck to all of you...

Monday, October 4, 2010

Another Happy Dance and a new SAL

Hello ladies,

I did it again! Yes! I finished another old UFO. It's the MVS' A star is born. I already talked about this one months ago but could not finish it. Could not find the mojo to stitch with the golden metallic thread. BUT I finally did it!!!!!!

Here's the pic:

And, on the forum "Le nuage des brodeuses", I started a new SAL with Cathy's cupcakes

Done with the first step:

Digging to find the next UFO. I found a very old one (one of my first big project). I washed it this morning. I don't know yet if I'll find the motivation to end this one. Still a lot to stitch on this one. I think I'll alternate with my Advent Calendar (Dimensions). Pictures will follow anyway.

See you soon for more updates.