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Monday, October 26, 2009

Yes!!! Something to show

There you go!!!! I finally got something to show. I did manage to work on my Advent Calendar.

Here's the pic (sorry for the quality but I did yesterday night, just before going to sleep, so bad light)

I started from the middle, so that's why I only stitched a few dates, went on with a part of the border and up to the main part ;o)

Have a nice day, and of course, thanks a lot to all of you for your nice comments.


Vinniey said...

Wow, you have been putting some hours into this beautiful project. Looks great! :) Happy stitching.

Annette said...

What a lovely start. I love your new SAl.
Ik ben erg benieuwd naar je progress

Passionnée said...

C'est un grand et beau projet !!!
Je n'avais pas encore pris le temps de le faire mais je tenais à te dire merci pour ton passage sur mon blog et pour ton gentil commentaire.
Bisous, bisous

Mylene said...

Great start on the advent calendar.

polka said...

Ca va être mimi !!!

Wendy said...

it looks wonderfull, I always start in the middle to.
but everywhere I look people seem to start on the sides.
I was wondering if I was the only one, but hey, glad I found another "tribe-member" !