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Monday, October 5, 2009

Goal 1 achieved!


Well, could not post earlier: we're having internet problems at home. We can't get a stable connection. We don't know if it's our modem's fault or if it's in the line.

Anyway. Today, I can post my progress!!!

Goal 1 of the Sal de Noel is achieved. I finished this yesterday.

Here's the pic:

And now, my progress on my maiden:

Tonight, I'll be starting the second part (bottom), which should go quite fast as there is not much color changes.

Hope you all had a nice week-end.


Chiloe said...

Wow!!! Beautiful start for the Noel SAL ;-)

The maiden is very beautiful as well !!!

Annette said...

Wat een mooie start.
Wat een toeval allebei een Noah, dat het bij u ook een jongen of een meisje. Mijn kleine Noah is net 1 jaar en een grote boef.

Wendy said...

well look on the bright side, less computer time means more stitching time !

your maiden looks wonderfull, is she one of a group of maidens, or is it just her ?

Vinniey said...

The maiden is so gorgeous! Love it! Your new project is beautiful too. Happy stitching!

Mylene said...

Beautiful projects you are working on.

Thanks so much for following my blog. I really appreciate it.