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Thursday, September 17, 2009

Wow! Such a long time not blogging

Well. Where have I been? What have I been doing? Well, one thing is for sure: no blogging for a while.
I have been quite busy and had a few things to arrange. Now, everything is back to normal.

Latest news? Kids went back to school. Lynn likes it but she's already in this kind of attitude: "I did my homeworks Mommy. Nothing else to do" BUT if you check her agenda, there are some stuffs to do!!!! Oh well! That's life. Just an everyday struggle ;o)

Noah also started officially his first year of school. He went to school a bit last year, but just a few weeks. He's adorable (that's what the teacher says) and I can confirm he is ;o). I'm the mother right? hum hum. He loves it and is making good progress on language (he is a bit lazy on that).

Did I hear you say "cross stitch". Well, shame on me. I can't show you my Calendar Cats as they are back in their nice drawer. I had a long break with no cross stich at all. And I wanted to do something completely different. So I am now back on my Maidens of the Seasons (Mirabilia).

Here is a picture:

And other news: a few weeks ago, we had someone visiting the property. She decided to stay for an undefined period ;o). Here is Babou:


Chiloe said...

Great progress on the Maiden ;-)

I love the kitty: that's what I need : a car that decide to adopt me (which will mean : no potty training and so on ... lol)

Lynn is already a teenager? lol

Stitching@HLR said...

Hey Chiloe,
Babou adopted us in this way (no potty, no mess, nothing..). She's very neat!

Lynn is NOT a teenager, but she sure has the attitude!!!!!!! grrrrrr ;o)

Anonymous said...

hm... strange thread :))