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Monday, September 28, 2009

She can see!!!!


Today is one of these days you wish you'd never got up. I had a quite stressing night. My baby boy has had fever since Saturday night and last night, it was really really high. So I decided to go to the hospital as I could not bring the fever down. The doctor gave him a medicine and looked for symptoms of something but could not find anything. She just told me that it is "normal" for children to have fever during 48 hours. So I just got back home with Noah and went back to bed. Do I have to tell you I could not sleep???? Anyway, this morning, it looks like he feels a bit better but he started coughing. So I called the doctor and... am still waiting....

Back to crossstitching? Yes, I have an update on my first maiden. As the title's stating it: she can see!!!! Here is a picture taken this morning:

I have to prepare the fabric for the upcoming "Sal de Noel". I'll probably get my sewing maching out this afternoon, if Noah is not feeling too bad.

Hope you are all doing well. I'll make a quick tour on your blogs to take some news.

Thanks for following my blog.


Wendy said...

Ooooh she is gorgeous!!!

Annette said...

Hi, what a lovely blog do you have.
Ik love your MS cat calender.
I wanne make it too, but looking for the time....
first maiden looks lovely, but it looks like she has her eyes closed..hihi

Wendy said...

and she looks lovely !