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Friday, September 18, 2009

A new project

Hi dear friends,
Fall is close! It is getting quite cold already. Feels like summer is definitely over now! I hate cold weather. Maybe I should move to another place then huh! Well, that's life!!!! Gotta go on!

I am going to start a new project (again???). A Sal is being launched on Polka's blog and I am participating. Here is a picture of the project:

I choose the upper version. It's a Lilipoint. We are starting on october 1st. So this weekend, I will be preparing the fabric and get the missing colors.

Check out Polka's blog for more info (blog in French).


Chiloe said...

I have the chart but no SAL for me anymore ... What fabric have you chosen for that one? A hand dye fabric will look great ;-)

Stitching@HLR said...

Well Chiloe, no. I had not thought about that but that's a good idea as I have to place an order!!!!!!!! Thanks ;o)